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Cold Pressed Pomegranate Seed oil


This exciting project started in 2012 with the clear intention of creating a fully integrated structure which brings together the functions of grower, producer, exporter, importer and distributor. It began with the formation of The Pomegranate De-juicing Company (Pty) Ltd (PDC) whose main objective is to maximise the return to the farmer by creating viable alternatives for pomegranate that has been rejected for export – a vital role for the industry adjacent to the town of Wolseley, located in South Africa's Western Cape Province.

Having produced a top-quality seed oil, the final step was to form DJC Oils Ltd (DJC) in the UK in 2018, trading as Pomegranate South Africa, to facilitate the marketing and sales and to provide potential buyers with immediate and direct access to technical requirements and information. This operation is led by the same person who also supervised its development and production.

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Discover our 100% pure virgin cold pressed pomegranate seed oil for skin,
hair and health, made from the purest ingredients.

This superior product has an 80+% punicic acid content, the only botanically known source of Omega 5 and widely acclaimed anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing natural health product. Potential buyers can rest assured, knowing they are dealing directly with the actual producer of a pomegranate seed oil which conforms to the highest quality standards demanded by end-users and researchers alike.

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