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Wolseley Township Discovers Factory Manager's Second Job

During the Christmas period, Piet Everson put on a different red uniform from his normal work clothes before taking presents to many of the children in Wolseley's township. This is the second year of an initiative, organised by Johan Everson, his nephew and owner of The Pomegranate De-Juicing Company (Pty) Ltd. In addition to his responsibility for running the day-to-day activities of the company's factory, Piet takes on this important role of spreading the Christmas spirit throughout the community.

Leading up to the event itself, local churches and other community groups had asked for donations throughout 2018 to provide presents for as many as possible of the township's children. The company takes its social responsibility in Wolseley very seriously and this ongoing project is another example of demonstrating this. Its objective is that every child should receive at least one present and it is hoped that this goal will be achieved by Christmas of 2019. Community leaders have lent their support to the project. Their spokesperson and local activist, Florence Kotelo, believes this is a wonderful gesture to the children (see below her comment in Afrikaans and English). More still needs to be done but, in the meantime, although Piet's sleigh is not being pulled by reindeer through the sky, the use of the 1947 model Farmall Super C tractor makes a very good substitute!

In fact, the sleigh is a wagon with its own history. It dates from the 1880s and was rebuilt in the late 1940s with the addition of rubber tyres on the wheels. It is accustomed to doing good deeds in the community. The owner at that time regularly took children around his farm in it to raise funds to cover the medical costs for his young daughter who had been diagnosed with cancer and from which she eventually recovered. Later on, Johan bought the wagon and it is still being used today to take children out for fun rides around Wolseley. But, at Christmas, it is transformed by magic into a fairy-tale vehicle, just as the 1947 tractor assumes the role of Rudolf and his fellow reindeers pulling it and uncle Piet becomes Santa Claus for a day!

Florence Kotelo

Ons is baie opgewonde om die informasie oor ons gemeenskap te sien en is baie trots op die idee dat ons klein dorpie internasionaal bekend sal word.

Vader Kersfees was 'n wonderlike gebaar. Vir so baie kinders gaan Kersfees net verby sonder dat hulle 'n geskenk of net 'n bord kos het om te eet. Dis iets kleins maar beteken so baie vir die gemeenskap. Dit gee vir die kinders iets om na uit te sien en hoop.

Ons is 'n baie arm gemeenskap wat afhanklik is van die landbou sektor. Ons grootste probleem is armoede en werkloosheid. Ons hoop dat ons gemeenskap deur die webblad van DJC oils verder opgebou kan word. Permanente werksgeleenthede, opvoeding vir ons kinders en sorg vir ons ouer mense is 'n groot behoefde. Ons wil graag 'n beter toekoms hê vir almal.

Florence Kotelo

We are very excited to see the information about our community and the idea that our little town will become known internationally.

The Father Christmas was wonderful gesture. For so many children, Christmas is just another day without a present or even food to eat. It is something small but means so much to the community because it gives hope to the children and something for them to look forward to.

We are a very poor community dependant on agriculture. Our biggest problems are poverty and unemployment. We hope that through the website of DJC Oils Ltd support will come for uplifting our community. We need permanent jobs, education for our children and facilities for our old people. Our wish is to build a better future for our community.