Manufacturers of 100% Pure Virgin
Cold Pressed Pomegranate Seed oil


Hopefully, after reading through our website and learning about who we are and about our community in South Africa, you have been inspired by our passion and love for pomegranate seed oil to purchase our top-quality product.

Our aim is to produce the finest quality pomegranate seed oil by working closely with local farmers to help improve standards of living and make a positive contribution to the community of Wolseley, South Africa.

We have taken very seriously the various research papers available in terms of the Omega 5 content of pomegranate seed oil and have worked hard in our production planning and quality control to ensure that our Omega 5 content of the other fatty acid structure (Punicic Acid) is at all times above 80% of other fatty acids. Our pomegranate seed oil stock in the UK currently has a level of 81% and our logo even has 80%+ on it to follow up on our pledge.


  • Our 100% pure virgin cold pressed pomegranate seed oil comes with full micro, nutritional, heavy metals and pesticides certifications. Our product is manufactured under FSSC certification in terms of food safety controls.

  • We provide all our test results as we receive them. We also complete two monthly tests on the Peroxide Values, thereby monitoring levels of oxidation in order to extend the shelf life of our pomegranate seed oil.

  • Our high levels of Omega 5 as a percentage of other fatty acids undisputedly proves the purity of our oil.

  • In working with DJC Oils Ltd, you are dealing dealing directly with the actual producer of the pomegranate seed oil and no middlemen.

  • In terms of technical support, the person who produced the oil in South Africa is based in the UK and is available to contact.

  • We pack from 20kg through to 1 litre. All our containers are food grade and fully recyclable.

If you wish to purchase our 100% pure virgin cold pressed pomegranate seed oil in large volumes please do not hesitate to email us or
call +44 (0)7470 117445. We would be very happy to negotiate a price depending entirely on the volumes required.

Should you require a sample to help you make a decision please get in touch and we will be happy to send one via UPS.

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