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Cold Pressed Pomegranate Seed oil


Social Concern & Community Development

Wolseley is a small town with a population of about 12,500, whose industry and employment is totally dependent on agriculture. It is a very poor community and the farming industry is facing huge political and environmental issues. This region and the Western Cape as a whole has over the last four years experienced very severe drought conditions.

With this in mind, The Pomegranate De-juicing Company (Pty) Ltd's (PDC) responsibility is to produce pomegranate seed oil of the highest quality that meets all expectations of our discerning end-users who require products that measure up to the beneficial health properties found in so much research and available across various media and elsewhere in many academic articles.

The second focus is to continue to develop value-added products, which both improve the financial returns to farmers and create employment opportunities for the community.

The success of these separate approaches should enable PDC to participate in much-needed community development projects for the people of Wolseley. And, whilst it's not possible to change the big picture in South Africa, PDC hopes to answer the call in 2018 of the newly appointed President Cyril Ramaphosa. He has said that it is the responsibility of every South African company to help create jobs and bring hope to smaller impoverished communities.

Most work opportunities are seasonal due to the nature of harvest cycles, but improved returns for farmers ensure a commitment to expanding farming operations which, in turn, creates new opportunities for the workforce. The 2018 increase in oil production has already enlarged numbers in the plant by an additional eight workers during the season - an important positive contribution to the community.

The forthcoming season (2019) will see the planning for further development of quality products by extending the usage of the whole pomegranate fruit and, as a result, provide more opportunities for the local labour force.

The expansion of the oil production unit should also provide an opportunity to develop products from other fruit derivatives, helping achieve all year-round employment in the community.

In addition, at the other end of the supply chain, registered research organisations may apply for samples to assist them in developing products using pomegranate seed oil for skin and other cancer related research projects. Relevant requests should be sent to (see Research / Development for more information).