Manufacturers of 100% Pure Virgin
Cold Pressed Pomegranate Seed oil
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Research / Development

Much information is available concerning the amazing properties of pomegranate seed oil. Various scientific papers and internet websites explain in much detail the real values of the pomegranate. History also refers to the healing properties of this amazing fruit. See Pomegranate History.

Taking all this into account, this website intends to be as informative as possible regarding Wolseley and its relationship to The Pomegranate De-juicing Company (Pty) Ltd (PDC). Furthermore, research will be focused for the short and medium term as below:

  1. Continuing to research the most effective production methods, thereby facilitating continual improvement in product quality and safety.

  2. Assisting research companies interested in using pomegranate seed oil in their investigative work in the areas of skin and other forms of cancer. PDC accepts its responsibility in helping to achieve this goal.

  3. Extending production in order to utilise the entire structure of the pomegranate fruit. This will benefit the farmer by substantially increasing sustainability of the industry both in farming efforts and production.

  4. Improving the standard of living and education in and around Wolseley. In terms of industry sustainability, this challenge is as vital, if not more important, than any product development.

PDC's current research programme is considering new equipment and oil extraction methods to maintain the production of pomegranate seed oil with a minimum punicic acid content of 80%, as is currently the case, and to increase this further, thereby improving the Omega 5 content.